Sunday, September 11, 2016

Something Lovely

It's funny- we hear God warning us about the bad in the world; the world as it is entirely sinful & unforgiving. Its clutches are harsh, unruly, unsatisfying, and painful- SO painful. We ignore the voice of God and look longingly at the things masked as "beautiful," and we reach out to them. We grab them, jumping in with our physical bodies, strength, might, and entire beings- then somehow we try to understand why we've not yet been able to touch the end; why we've not been able to feel the satisfaction in winning, in attaining everything "good," in accomplishing the most we are capable of, regardless of the fact that He once reminded us of their uselessness and disappointment. Still, we look deeply into the only things which will never be able to satisfy. We scratch the surface of every talent, ability, interest, opportunity of surpassing the mediocre lifestyle, and yet in the end we see no real results- we are blinded by the perfectly translucent nothing that we've obtained from accomplishing everything. It's purely useless, we eventually discover; all of it is unable to bring fulfillment, unable to quench the thirst that grabs viciously at our throats, begging that we find a way to satisfy it. We cannot. But we keep reaching, keep pulling, keep striving to become, to create, to grow, to aspire to aspire, to overcome and accomplish and change and FEEL. Nothing is ever enough; nothing is ever satisfactory. We are never enough for each other and never enough for ourselves. We place the world and its things and creatures and diamonds and gold and money and work and success and POWER above what matters ultimately and above what really means something within our lives and the lives of those around us. We cheat ourselves out of happiness- out of pure joy- by pursuing every one of these things. We cheat others by ignoring the fact that we'll never be enough for them, and we cheat the entire world by selfishly keeping the mindset that we can do it all and win it all on our own. We've got it all wrong. We act like it's all OK, and when the song is finished we turn on another and refuse to attempt to figure out why the first even ended- we continually tell ourselves that times just change, people change, things are going to change for as long as we are walking on this planet. That's just the way things are. Life goes on. But the thing that we miss in all of this chaos and distraction and regret and unwanted change is the fact that we have always been doing it all wrong, which is why it turns out exactly the opposite of what we desire. We are too blind and selfish and foolish and ridiculously petty to understand and fully grasp the fact that we are not here on this earth for ourselves. We are not here to purely have a good time or become successful; we are here for something more, something far beyond all of that- beyond all of this. God warns us about the lives we are about to live; He shares with us the secret to becoming the greatest, the most successful, the winner of it all. He clearly points out to us the fact that none of that "success" will come from a world like the one we live in. We are warned again and again to look out for distractions and idols- these items are poisonous, ravenous, destroyers of our souls. He screams out to us in as many ways possible to STAY AWAY, run far from the evil which lurks in the midst of this universe. He tells us it will be difficult- He explains the procedure in which we must follow in order to survive; not only to survive, but to thrive among sin and darkness. We are made conscious of the ever present glow, the light, the saving grace. We are told it is beyond any glorious thing we can imagine, yet it is entirely free if and when we choose to take it. We have His salvation, His forgiveness, His redemption, His power and glory and honor, and we are to praise Him for it all. He holds the truth- He holds the single thing we need in order to survive in this world. He holds it, and it is free. It is perfect, unfailing, completely satisfying, and joy-filled. He wants us to have it; He is pursuing us, begging us to take it before it's too late. And though sometimes I forget, I HAVE taken it- I've been able to understand what it looks like to have Him, to know Him, to live completely for Him. It is satisfying and perfectly joy-filled, regardless of the circumstances. I know that there is nothing good for me in this world, and so turning to Him when I have nothing to offer or gain of earthly value brings me the Ultimate Prize- a possession found only in Him. It is beautiful, perfect, lovely, true, honest, pure, and SO. DARN. REAL. I have Him, and I am blessed. No evil, pain, darkness, or hurt comes close to this sweet, sweet blessing found in His powerful name.

My heart to you,

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  1. Eden....ED, this is a beautiful truth and so eloquently written. Thank you so much for this Eden. You are a beautiful, precious blessing��