Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hello snowsies

On this snowy Saturday afternoon I'm feeling the urge to write something ~inspirational~ to share with each of you, friends. Maybe because today is the very first snow of the season and, no doubt, a magical one it is -- at least in my opinion. The snow didn't hold back this year, either; we woke up this morning to see every inch of grass covered, streets shimmering, sky as white as the snow itself (...probably because it is the snow falling).

So yes. I'm betting by now that the snow is the reason behind my, not unusual, but exceptionally strong desire to write an ode to all who may be in the midst of snow as well, and probably even at this very moment.

It is currently Thanksgiving break as of yesterday, yet I feel as if Christmas is sooner than it really is -- like maybe it is next week, but, as you know, it's obviously not. Which I am totally okay with. May the festivities and holiday season be prolonged as much as humanly possible!!

But I have a bit to say about this snow of ours today. I know, I know; the snow is cold, messy, WET, and especially irritating when it comes to getting it all off of your car. You can't really run around outside, and your face gets all red after stepping out for literally three minutes. If you're viewing snow from the perspective of the Grinch, sure, snow is the worst. Emphasis on WORST. But, the snow is probably so dearly sorry for the inconvenience it may cause momentarily, and it probably wants nothing but to be played with by children and be crafted into snowmen and forts. I can't imagine the snowflakes are falling one by one, each beautifully fashioned, uniquely designed, with the corrupt intentions of ruining every citizen of Illinois' life. Snow is glittering puffs of happiness alone, sent down as a dazzling gift for eyes to be set on and revel in God's great, intrinsic craftsmanship.

I tell you this today because, witness as I am, I've heard many, many complaints delivered flawlessly by my fellow classmates and acquaintances of simply why they absolutely dread the snowfall and winter altogether. Regardless, their shallow reasons aren't enough to convince me that this glorious, glimmering blanket of !!art!! on the trees in my backyard is trashy, gross, and pure irrelevance in this world and season. Additionally, I am excited to tell you how much I stand against those statements and harsh offenses against my dear friend, snow. Christmas would never begin to look a lot like Christmas if it were not for snow, and neither would my heart skip as many beats as it does at the thought of standing, coffee in hand, out in the soft, light snow, with a twinkle in my eye as I thoroughly enjoy the comfort and sweetness of winter's gift, snow!!!

I urge you, friends. DO NOT burden your classmates and acquaintances with complaints of the natural beauty God has granted and allowed us to enjoy for a few months each year. Rather, find a reason to give thanks for the snow and the weather, because honestly, complaining about it is not going to do any one of us good, AT ALL.

When I look out my window at the snow, I personally cannot but thank God for all He has done for me. I am beyond blessed. He never fails to bring beauty into this world, whether it be through the physical, emotional, or mental state of life, and that is something every one of us should be able to glory in this winter season.

The white snow is pure and, probably not coincidentally, represents our new lives in Christ; we are no longer slaves to sin but of righteousness. Our past does not define us, nor does it even exist any longer once we are called to live as beloved children of God. His power against sin is strong and mighty and, like the snow, is a sort of beautiful shield against the grave, cold world, and it simply cannot be touched. I find peace in this truth.

So love the world as it is. Love the world as it is given to you. And most importantly, love the God who has given it all to you. None of us are worthy of anything as glorious as this world and life we are living. None of us deserve to experience any wonders in this life and nor do any of us deserve to know a God as wonderful, forgiving, caring, and loving as He is. I am proud to know a God who displays such powerful love for His children.

I do see this snow as a blessing. A little, pleasant piece of who God is.

Much, much love,